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El Tiento


El Tiento/ The maulstick
Juan Mallol Pibernat · 2007

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The artist and his environment
The importance of the environment in artistic creation. A tour of the places where the artist has lived. here
What is a portrait? What is the role of the artist? How is the relationship between the artist and the model? here
Exhibited work
An artist of worldwide scope. We can find of his works in several important art museums. See

The Colour of Our Steps.
This book délas with art, stories, life…

The artist opens our eyes to artistic sensitivity through a series of short stories, which are a deep and didactical reflection; a pleasure to read and at the same time a lesson about the enjoyment of painting and life.


The Color of Our Steps
Juan Mallol Pibernat · 1974
I.S.B.N. 84-400-7042-X

    I N D E X

1. Motivation.pdf [36k]
2. El general Bum Bum.pdf [33k]
3. Ventura the blind .pdf [30k]
4. Paredes the mute.pdf [38k]
5. Airo the emigrant.pdf [36k]
6. Professor Echo.pdf [37k]
7. Work, the key to the conscious human being.pdf [31k]
8. Expressing Expression.pdf [30k]
9. Expressing Expression.pdf [29k]
10. Expressing Instinct.pdf [28k]
11. Expressing Conscience.pdf [28k]
12. Conclusions.pdf [29k]
13. With his studio in the luggage.pdf [29k]

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