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Barcelona: La Pedrera In 1971, alter 20 years on leave, he returns to Barcelona and opens his studio at “La Pedrera” Gaudi building
Bonza (Boyacá) In 1974, he returns to the US and opens his studio in Key Biscayne, where he lives until departing to Colombia. There he moved to Bonza (Boyacá), taking up the restoration of a ruined colonial house that happened to be the birthplace of mystic poet Sor Josefa del Castillo.
Tossa+de+Mar In 1979, he sells “La Pintanza 1” and returns to Spain. At Tossa de Mar, within the fortified Medieval hamlet of the town, he restores a house containing a natural fresh water spring.
Panedas+(Llagostera) After leaving “La Pintanza 2” studio at Tossa de Mar, he opens the “Costa Brava Recreational Painting School” in Panedas (Llagostera).

In September, 1985, he travels with his family to Colombia, where he restores a colonial house in Subachoque (Bogotá)


Barcelona In 1992, the artist and his family return to Spain. In the following years he sets up studios in Toledo, Madrid, Llançá, Roses and Barcelona.


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An artist of worldwide scope. We can find of his works in several important art museums. See